Teenwork provides opportunity to gain skills and to experience the real world

Selective Central students- Brand Buford, James Dendrinos, Amaria Foster, Jazmine Francisco, Sydney Grahl, Agnes Nitaga, Diego Ramirez, Izabelle Rosenbalm, Ronnivea Wilson and Aniya Worrels

Want to gain real life work skills? The Teenwork program works with juniors on enhancing their etiquette skills and work experience. The program includes eight sessions. Completing these sessions opens up an opportunity of a potential paid internship within the company. 

To be eligible for this program, a student must be a junior, maintain a 2.5 GPA or higher, complete the application and interview process and attend sessions. Sessions cover goal setting, money management, professional dress, communication, diversity in the workplace, time management and so much more. Some sessions also include field trips that allow students to team build, participate in community service, and witness behind the scenes of work environments. 

Joining this program will allow students to network with many important figures during sessions. Students will also get the opportunity to make new friends. The Teenwork program is partnered up with multiple schools such as Central, Fulton, and Austin-East. Former Teenwork student Jazmine Francisco said, ”My favorite parts of the program were the field trips. The program taught me how to manage my money and build my resume. I learned how to work in a real work environment which taught me that I am a hard worker.” 

Students from Central, Fulton and Austin East completing the program

After completing sessions, students are given the opportunity to interview for an eight- week, paid summer internship with KUB and its business partners. This internship gives students hands-on experience of working in a professional setting. This internship offers over 11 departments for students to work in such as Communications, engineering, human resources, accounting and finance, health sciences and construction. Each department is equipped with mentors that will guide students throughout the internship. 

The Teenwork program allows students to learn more about who they are and what career path they may want to pursue in the future. The Teenwork program provides students with necessary skills and knowledge that will help students excel within their professional careers. Students can get applications and more information from counselors.

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