Girl’s Basketball Wrap-Up: District Tournament, Player Spotlights, and Hopes for Next Season

The Central Girl’s basketball team ended a hard-working and productive season with this year’s district tournament. Coach LeBrandon Marie led the team throughout this season, this being his first season coaching Central’s girls basketball team.

Coach Marie believes this season went well, especially considering the fact that the team was a few wins away from the school record. He says the team grew substantially, and he hopes to see this improvement continue in future seasons. In years to come, he hopes to see “Not only an improvement in record, but in character building and getting players to the next level of college.” Marie wants to build a pipeline of players that make their way from central basketball to college basketball.

From left to right: Scout Horner( sophomore), Cadence Horner (junior), Quiara Houston (junior), Addison Brewer(junior), and Avery Brewer (freshman) at team pictures.

One player with ambition to play in college is junior Cadence Horner. As one of the most skilled and talented players on the team, she says that she learned from her parents due to their vast knowledge of the game. She loves when she and her teammates get ready for the game as well as the excitement she feels before playing. In addition to these experience, she also enjoys playing with her younger sister, sophomore Scout Horner. Cadence says, “I love having my sister on the team. I can connect with her well on the floor and it’s easier to talk to her because she’s my sister.”

Scout agrees with Cadence; she enjoys playing with her sister because they work well together and are able to communicate. She still has two upcoming seasons with the Bobcats and she says, “I feel like next year we’re really gonna step it up and work together to be potentially really good”. Unfortunately, the girls only made it to the first round of the district tournament, and Scout hopes they can make it further next year.

Freshman Avery Brewer has the same hopes for future seasons. Oddly enough, Cadence and Scout are not the only sisters on the team. Junior Addison Brewer is a sister to Avery, and they love and enjoy playing together. Addison says, “I love having my sister on the team. She is my built-in best friend and I love playing ball with her, it definitely makes the season so much fun!” Not only does Addison value working with her sister, but also the importance of teamwork. She says, “Good teamwork starts with good friendships and a selfless attitude.”

Another key player to the team is junior Quaira Houston, who always displays determination and perseverance on the court. When Houston was asked what inspires her to do this, she said, “I think that my family and teammates are a big motivation to me during games. I know that I am needed in order for my teammates to succeed, so I play as hard as I can. I like for people to be able to rely on me to do my part.”

Basketball players having fun while watching the boy’s game.

Overall, the team believes they had a successful season, but they hope to see improvements in years ahead, such as making it further in the district tournament. Coach Marie says, “We would love to have more young ladies that are interested in basketball and can understand how to learn fundamentals and the team aspect.”

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