Jobs for teens

Imagine your friend texts you and asks if you’d like to go to the movies next week. You text back ‘yes’ excitedly, “but” tickets are $25 each and you need about $10 for popcorn and a soda. You ask your parents, and they say to use your own money. It’s at that point when you realize you’re broke and probably need a job. These are the best jobs for teenagers 14-18.

I interviewed students from Mrs.Turners Journalism class to determine their first jobs.

My first interview was with Kaila. Kaila had her first job at Chipotle. She enjoys working there. She started at $11 now she is paid $13 an hour. Kaila enjoys the job and says it’s easy. The only downfall is standing all day.

River Cox’s first job was at a donut shop, Bucking Good Donuts. She enjoyed working there. She was 15 at the time and was paid $10 an hour. River talked to “customers”, rang them up, filled donuts, and baked.

Aniya’s current job is at Marshall’s, but her first job was “terrible” she says. Aniya worked on a farm, and she hated it. She had to detassel corn. She was 14 at the time and made $9 an hour. She says Marshall’s is okay and better than the farm. They hire at 16 and pay $13 an hour. She works once or twice a week and says it’s a “chill job.” She rings people up and stocks items.

Josh is 17 and works at National fitness. He says he likes working there. He works at the front desk and scans people’s membership cards. He says he makes $10 and you get a full membership included. Josh says they hire at 16.

If you’re looking for a job at 14 and 15, a few “local” jobs hire. Chick-fil-A and Food City are great places if you’re on the younger side. They can pay from $8.50 to $10. There are also jobs you can do on your own like babysitting, dog walking, and yard work.

There are tons of jobs for 16 and 18-year-olds. You can be a barista at either a local coffee shop or Starbucks. If you enjoy swimming, being a lifeguard might be a fun summer job. The jobs for teens are endless.

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