Spring semester College and Career Expo

Attention all Juniors! The College and Career Expo is coming up on March 8, 2023 at the University of Tennessee Knoxville. Permission slips are due no later than Tuesday, February 21 in Ms. Sharp’s office. The trip is free and will provide a great opportunity to ask questions about college and consider options beyond high school. 

Finding the right college can be hard. The expo can help ease stress and give useful information. For students who are looking to go straight into a job instead of college, this expo can help them find the right job.

The College and Career Expo Logo

First impressions are important! From attitude to appearance, representatives are looking for the students who are ambitious about their education and future. Introducing yourself to college and career representatives will make you stand out and seem more professional. 

Manners are also extremely important. Saying “please” and “thank you” are great starts for maintaining professional mannerisms. Being on your best behavior is crucial because you are not only representing yourself, but you are representing Central too.  

Being prepared before attending the expo will be very beneficial! Review the list of schools and employers who will attend the expo (that information can be found here), asking yourself questions about the type of college you are looking for, and making a list of questions to ask different representatives. Examples of questions to ask are listed below:

The World’s Fair Exhibition Center from visitknoxville.com
  1. What type of student succeeds at your school/in your environment?
  2. How many students live on campus?
  3. What are the typical class sizes?
  4. How diverse is your campus/program?
  5. Is there an Honors program?
  6. What are the admission requirements? ACT scores?  GPA?
  7. What skills are employers looking for?
  8. Other than FAFSA, how do I apply for scholarships?
  9. What do I need to get a job or internship in this career field?
  10. What opportunities do you have for pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeships?
  11. Does your company help with tuition reimbursement and industry credentials?

Remember, these are examples. You can come up with different questions that apply to your specific needs.

What should students do during the expo? Taking notes and writing down information they receive as they speak to representatives will be a great way to retain important information. Asking questions is highly encouraged! This is a chance to have questions and concerns answered. After speaking to different schools, take time to speak with other schools or career representatives and make the most of the time provided. Do not rush through the expo! It is okay to be independent! If your friends are going to one table but you want to visit another, don’t be afraid to branch out.

Don’t miss this upcoming Expo! It’s a great opportunity to start students’ searches for the right college or career.

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