What are Central’s New Academies? A Principal Explains.

Central and seven other high schools in Knox County are adding “academies” to their buildings. Many students and families are curious about what these academies are going to be. The Bobcat Times spoke to Colin Kiehlmeier, Central’s freshman principal, about how these new academies will affect students and the teachers.

When the Academies were officially announced

These new academies are subsections of schools that are meant to help students learn about career paths before they start college. The freshmen have already started the Freshmen Academy, which is in the upper north hallway of Central. 

There are going to be four academies: Freshman Academy, Business and Design, Health and Life Science, and Automotive Services and Technology. These new academies and classes will focus on students’ three elective focus classes and their six other elective classes. Students will apply for their academy, and then the school will look over it and see if it best fits them. Students are allowed to switch their academy once in their four years at Central.

Summary of The Academies

If a student decides to choose the Health and life Science Academy, they will have the opportunity to go to nursing homes and help the patients there. If these students pass the classes and the final test, they will be able to graduate with a Nursing Assistant License, which means that new graduates can get basic medical jobs that help out nurses.

Poster showing the breakdown of credits needed to graduate

With the Automotive Services and Technology Academy, students will be able to go and visit a car dealership. If you choose that academy, if you choose that profession you will be able to go and get a job from that dealership and they will help send you to school for all of the education you need to do the job. 

Many businesses will also work with the school, and there will be internships and many job opportunities for Academy students. These academies are to help prepare students for life after high school and to help them get job opportunities in the future. 

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