Life is Chess

The Central High School chess club, while currently in suspension, will return this fall. With the former club leader taking a temporary leave of absence due to a medical emergency, football coach Larry Williams will be stepping up as the new club organizer.

Coach Larry leading young adults. Photo credit: John Valentine

The former chess club was a success. It had 8 members, all meeting as early as 7:45 in the morning. They craved knowledge of chess openings, skills, and lessons. They held a tournament with two brackets; one was students, and the other, staff. Coach Larry himself would go on to win, yet admitted that one student was good enough to beat him.

Coach claims that chess can help you through life. They’re broken up into three separate parts; the opening, the game, and the endgame. The opening is the years building up to adulthood; “You want to set yourself up to succeed; to be in the best possible position.” This is the most important part of the game, because “without a strong base, any castle will crumble.”

Chess pieces. Photo credit: TRYEngineering

The middle section is called “the game” or “mid-game.” Larry explains; “Like chess, you have to use proper time management, material, such as a degree or assets, and finally, position.” His third point is perhaps the most important, as your ultimate goal is to be in the best position for the endgame.

Finally, the third section, or perhaps moment, of the game; the endgame. The position in the endgame is a direct result of the first two stages. The best way to win is to outplay your opponent throughout the three phases, “but that doesn’t mean you can’t win in later stages.” Making and taking opportunities, but knowing when to play it safe is important, and, through chess, is a skill that can be obtained by anyone.

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