Central Track

Central Girls 4×4 relay team competing at Halls classic meet

With the upcoming track season, Central’s track team is getting geared up for the spring sport. The team has been conditioning for the past two months: With training through the freezing temperatures and rainy days, the grind still continues for this team.

Track and field is a unique sport offering over 30 events. Most people when they think of track assume that it’s simply just running, but it’s so much more beyond that. Track has events such as throwing, high jump, long jump, hurdling and more. 

After school, student athletes head down to the track for practice for about an hour in a half. The track team’s head coach is Kevin Bickley, a former track runner at central. Coach Bickley is also the training coach for sprinting and hurdling. The team is currently getting ready for their upcoming scrimmage meet at central. When  asked “Why do track”? athletes responded, “ It keeps me in shape and allows me to live a more disciplined lifestyle. Team bonding is always fun and it’s great to be part of a team that’s more like a family.” Says Jayden Clemons, a sprinter on the team.

Tracks’ Elf On The Shelf Fundraiser

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