Ups and Downs of the basketball season

Starting off strong the Bobcats get a huge win over Union County. They scored 97 points in the game leaving everyone in the city in a daze. The next day every player is feeling good coming off of a huge win, the team’s head coach Joe Ward could finally sleep he says after being so nervous and excited to win that first game. 

Joshua Brown sizing his man up for a three.

A couple games in, the Bobcats are faced with their first challenge in Sevier County. The Bobcats lost in a very uphill battle they fought hard by winning the second half of the game but it wasn’t enough to make-up for the first half deficit. Coach Joe goes back to not sleeping at night trying to figure out why we can’t play to our potential.

After a one game win streak the Bobcats take another bad turn. Karns comes to the Bobcats home gym and dominates in every aspect of the game. The Bobcats lose in a very upsetting game. Hosting Oak Ridge, the starting 5 has changed bringing in Freshman Parker Hampton and Sophomore David Clark. The Bobcats once again fight hard but fall once again. On to the second half of the season the boys get a spark and exciting transfer with amazing energy off the bench as Midrick Tory a key factor in our Bobcats success in the Heritage Christmas Tournament. The boys came in 2nd place with the three MVPs of the tournament Midrick Tory, Trey Robinson and Joshua Brown.

Trey Robinson, Joshua Brown, and Midrick Tory

The Bobcats are currently trying to go 3-0 heading into the district tournament. Hopefully making it out as the underdog. Hard Work at practice and playing everyday helps all of the players play very well on a high level every night.

The Bobcat Times

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