The Dread of Parking Passes

Parking passes have always been something people dread paying for, regardless of how old they are, but they are especially annoying for kids in high school. Even though most students have jobs, they aren’t willing to pay the price of a parking pass just to park at their own school. Most parking passes can range from $20, $30, 40, and even $70, which is very expensive for parking at school.

Some schools don’t have parking passes, making it unfair that there are parking passes at other schools. Schools have been doing parking passes for many years, and they have typically been decently priced. Parking passes are also used in places besides school, but school shouldn’t have to be paid for unless you are going to a private school.

Picture of parking permit (may look different from some other parking passes)

I interviewed Mr. Lambert about it, and as I asked him the question, “Are parking passes still a thing and what would happen if you didn’t buy one?” he responded, “Parking passes are still a thing, but there is no penalty for not being able to pay for a parking pass, Lambert said he would be able to work something out for the money like being able to pay 1 dollar a week or 5 dollars a month just to be able to equal up to the price.” I asked him why they do the parking passes, and he said, “The main reason they do the parking passes is to make sure that everyone has a license and has insurance to be able to pay off their car; they need to make sure the person is legal for driving and not illegally driving.” Mr. Lambert had also told me, “The price will never vary for certain people; we like to make it equal for everyone regardless of how rich or poor they are.”

Students have different opinions on the parking passes, and some do not like them, while others are fine with them. The main problem with most students is the fact that they are scared to ask a principal about different payments that they could make; they believe all principals are mean, but that’s not true if you get to know them. They can get you connected to a good payment that could work out for you. There will always be different ways to pay for a parking pass, and they can vary depending on the person.

A parking pass inside a car at Central.

Most students should know now that parking passes aren’t as bad as they actually seem to be. The only problem is that you will have to pay for different semesters of parking passes, like one for the first semester and one for the second. However, with the methods that the principal provides for you, most people should be able to afford it even without a job. Parking passes should be viewed as another way for the school to verify that you have a license and insurance, giving you permission to be on the road.

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