Black History Month Around Knoxville

Images of significant people in Black American History

As the first month of the new year comes to a close, February begins to deliver more than just rain and Groundhog Day. In the United States, Black History Month is important to many people. Around Knoxville, there’s a variety of events happening that might interest you.

Driving around Knoxville this month, you might see posters and billboards acknowledging and celebrating Black History Month. If you’re considering getting involved, here are a few events to get you started! A performance will be shown at the Clarence Brown Theater on the UT campus from February 8 until February 26. For those who are interested in seeing, “Trouble In Mind”, a play about an actress who is debating performing in a significant production and what the effects of her decision will be, will be performed every day at 7:30 PM. 

“Trouble In Mind” promotional poster.

If you’re not into plays, there will be a “pop-up” museum later this month. On February 25, at the Beck Cultural Exchange Center, the Black History Mobile Museum UUNIK Academy will showcase a “traveling exhibit” filled with artifacts and cool facts about the history of African American people. 

 If you want to learn by talking about Black History Month with other people, there are many great conferences you can find. Every Friday this month, at the Beck Cultural Exchange Center, opportunities to talk will be plentiful, as they will host many in-person lectures and offer 1 on 1 conversation. 

There are many opportunities to celebrate Black History Month around Knoxville. These events will be great, and you should check them out. Find out more about these events here.

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