Sophia Norsworthy, In School and Out

By Nevaeh Ridenour

Sophia Norsworthy may seem like the quiet girl in the back of the class, but what many don’t know is that Sophia leads an eventful life full of fun memories.

Sophia’s class photo

One thing people don’t know about Sophia is that she is barely ever quiet out of school. She is a “big ball of energy” around friends and family, although she tends to keep her friend group small. At school, Sophia seems like the smart, quiet girl. 

Sophia has traveled to a total of eight places in her life such as Virginia, Florida, Washington DC, the Caribbean, and more, but her all time favorite was Disney World in Orlando, Florida. It was her favorite because there was a great view of animals right outside of the hotel window. Sophia loves to travel, but doesn’t get to often. 

Sophia, also known as Sophie, has big goals for the future.

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