Bobcat Basketball Senior night

With only a couple games left on the regular season, the Bobcats tack on a impressive win on a special night.

Devin Ferguson, who played basketball his freshman year, came back and played this year as an important rotation player who can do it all. Devin describes his experiences playing this year as “Up and down” but made sure to emphasize how fun it was and how he will miss home games.

Conner Goble who played his freshman year and came back his senior year, didn’t play that much this season, but played a important role at practice and giving good looks to varsity and the starters.

Isaiah Pendergrass, a player who has stuck with the program through his four years has had fun and said, “my time at Central has been anything but bland” and his advice to the underclassman is “have fun with your time here while you have it.”

Dy’keise Perez is another player that has stuck with the program his years at Central. When asked about how he feels about the season he said “I think we could do a lot better and all it takes is focus” Dy’keise also talked about how he will miss playing with his brothers.

Trey Robinson, a senior who has had a huge impact on ball movement and being an all-around player said that, “the time flies by fast and he wishes that he had more of it.” When asked what he would tell the underclassman he said, “make sure to soak in all that you learn apply it to your game.”

Brantley Demarcus, a first year basketball player, has had a blast by being around and giving a good look to the varsity players. Demarcus has been a big morale booster and when asked about this year he said, “I definitely wish that I played sooner.”

The Trainers

Amaria Foster and Family with head basketball coach Joe Ward
Jakyrea Gibby and Family with head basketball coach Joe Ward
Dyamond Mcoo and Family with head basketball coach Joe Ward
Hannah Mcfalls with Family, Central’s school officer Reddick, and Joe Ward
Miyah Pallas with Family and head basketball coach Joe Ward

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