The Interesting Life of Devlin!

Being raised originally in Arkansas, Devlin Evans has been constantly on the move until lately. Devlin’s current interests take him on a journey from learning languages to building PCs!

Devlin is intrigued by languages and tries to learn as much as he can. He strives to become fluent in multiple languages and has even become semi-fluent in multiple. When talking about languages Devlin says, “ASL is the easiest language that I’ve learned.”. Devlin has also become semi-fluent in German and Norwegian. Devlin has taken a lot of interest in speaking Norwegian and even says “It is the most interesting Language that I’ve learned.”


                Beyond languages, Devlin also builds PCs manually as a hobby and a way to give back. A hobby that started just to make his PC better has propelled to helping build PCs to sell or to give away to friends. Devlin likes being able to customize and maximize the ability of his PCs to improve performance. Along with building them Devlen says stated, “Hardware is the easiest part of the install process”. 

  To close his week, Devlin likes to spend his time giving back. Devlin finds himself giving back to the community by either working for a local charity or soup kitchen. Devlin has described how growing up in Arkansas, he has seen and been in a place that has gone through poverty and he wants to help the people that are in that unfortunate situation. 

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