Emma Lehigh: Not Your Typical Freshman

Throughout Emma Lehigh’s life, she has moved around frequently, but she is glad to finally settle down in a long-term home to start her journey here at Central High School.

Emma grew up with her older brother Ethan. She enjoys watching tv, traveling and hanging out with friends. She has been to New Orleans and San Francisco, where she went to Alcatraz with her uncle. “It was a very depressing place,” said Emma.

80s and 90s music is what Emma usually listens to. She learned some songs from her grandma, but she discovered most of the genre on her own. Her favorite movie is The Notebook, her favorite restaurant is P.F. Changs, her favorite animal is a ferret and her favorite color is forest green.

As Emma begins her freshman year, she gets the chance to experience the freshman academy, and she is not a fan. She hates the stereotypes associated with being a freshman and the drama of being a teenager, but she likes how her classes are sorted this semester, and her favorite teacher is Mrs. Minnis. Emma struggles with the pressure of teacher’s expectations, and she claims Mrs. Minnis is a teacher who is understanding and doesn’t assign too much work.

This semester is going to be difficult for Emma because she has Algebra and English at the same time. This comes with plenty of homework- something she strongly dislikes, leading to her usually finishing as the teacher is collecting it. Although Emma doesn’t stay on top of her homework, she always gets her work done in class, especially in her favorite subject, history.

A quality people associate with Emma is her sense of fashion. She is often complimented for her good style and has a variety of outfits she likes to show off at school. The reason Emma’s style is so unique is because she likes to shop at a variety of places, and she gets her cute clothing from anywhere she can.

Emma has a pet golden doodle at home that she loves to spend time with. In the future, she hopes to build a career in the medical field.

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