Owen Massengill: Sports, School, and Family

Owen Massengill is a sophomore in high school trying to find his passion.  In life, Owen has dealt with situations where he has practiced something and it just didn’t fit.

When Owen was little, he enjoyed hanging out with his family and friends. Some things Owen liked to do with his family & friends were going to the  movies, going to the Zoo and going to the aquarium. 

As Owen has gone through high school, he struggles with Spanish classes. He realized that it was a completely different language to learn and sometimes the teacher wasn’t the kindest. Now being a sophomore, he has realized that classes are getting harder but needs them to graduate. 

Growing up, Owen was sort of pushed into sports because his dad played football.  Sometimes sports can be the highlight of someone’s life or they could just not care for it.

When Owen was younger he went from t-ball to track When asked about sports Owen said, “I feel like I should play sports but I don’t have a passion for things like weight lifting,” he replied.

When Owen gets out of high school he wants to be a therapist. Owen has always felt like he wanted to help whenever and wherever he was needed. Before he came to high school, he always thought of being a therapist which is a reason he took journalism as a class. 

In Owens free time, he usually works out and plays video games. When Owen gets home from school he usually works out for about 30-40 minutes. He does this every other day after school. When Owen is not working out, he plays video games like COD, 2K or APEX.

Owen has traveled to South and North Carolina, Kentucky, and Florida. His dream vacation would be to go to the Caribbean and he would like to stay for a few months.

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