Life Of A Competitive Indoor Rock Climber

Life’s a climb, but Zoey Brown has been killing it. Literally! Zoey is a 16 year old indoor rock climber and is great at what she does! Zoey went to nationals twice in just one year!

  Zoey Brown’s passion for rock climbing started as soon as she was able to walk. Zoey practices three times out of the week after school for 2 ½ hours. Competitive rock climbing has led her to travel to areas such as Salt lake city Utah, and St. Louis, Missouri. Zoey said rock climbing makes her feel accomplished and distracts her from stressful times. As a student athlete, Zoey said that schoolwork can become overwhelming but by having an organized schedule and getting things done allows her to maintain a balanced life between her academics and sports.

Zoey at regionals

Zoey’s dad, a former rock climber, inspired Zoey to develop a love for the same sport. Zoey was just 12 years old when she first went to nationals. Zoey recently had a competition and placed 4th overall out of 100 competitors. Zoey is now on her way to nationals for the third time! 

Outside of rock climbing, Zoey likes to read, craft and write. Her favorite genres for reading are fantasy and romance. Her climb in life continues as she wishes to pursue a career in journalism due to her love for reading and writing. 

Zoey practicing at the gym

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