The hidden personality of Kaila Payton

Kaila Paytons whole life she has always dreamed of becoming her dream career of a nurse for as every day she woke up and took care of her nieces and everyone she can help to hopefully become a official career helping people.

Kaila sitting near a thin tree

Kaila Payton grew up in Tennessee and ended up when she grew older moving to Florida for 2 years just to come back to Tennessee up until now. When Kaila was growing up she always made good grades while keeping her mind fresh with her hobby of reading and since she had many siblings and nieces she had practice of her career by helping and nursing them whenever they were sick or down. Kaila has always been judged as a bad person by the way she looked and how she acted but if they knew the real her then im sure their opinions would change since Kaila treats everyone she knows with respect no matter who they are.

When I was interviewing I had asked Kaila if she had any nicknames she was called when she was younger or now and she responded with, “My mom had nicknamed me Ladybug when I was younger.” Kaila had also played a few sports when she was younger, one being track and she was actually pretty good at it considering she had placed 3rd place in shot put. Kaila goes to the park most weekends with her family and sometimes even the movies, when she goes to the movies she loves seeing Marvel movies since she loves the action genre. Kaila also loves horror since she grew up watching many horror movies ranging from the movies “Nun” and “Micheal Myers” since those were one of the first horror movies she had seen.

Kaila Payton as she was going through middle school didn’t like the lack of freedom you got but as she got into highschool she realized the amount of freedom you get although heading into highschool she knew she would need to find a career path soon so she decided to continue her path of being a nurse which means she gets to go to college earlier than most people. Kaila has some fears of going into college at a young age such as everyone else is going to be much older than her since she’s used to being with people near or at her age in highschool. Kaila has taken many classes and all prove to be easy for her except for when she took Spanish since her Spanish 1 teacher wasn’t that good at teaching which made it hard to go into Spanish 2 making her basically have to catch up.

Kaila in front of a tree’s shadow

Kaila Payton also has a passion for helping people greatly as when I asked her what her passion was she answered with “I have a passion of helping people that are down or sick.” Kaila also gets the passion from wanting to be able to help people that get breast cancer or any other cancer since her recent grandmothers all passed away from breast cancer and many sisters of hers suffer from breast cancer like it runs in the family. The best compliment she had ever received was when someone complimented her eyes for the nice brown shade. She grew up liking the board game “sorry” the most out of any others since whenever she was at her grandma’s house and the power went out her and her siblings would always play board games. Something she hates a ton is documentaries since as she grew up her sister really liked watching documentaries on Ted Bundy and she got annoyed because of how much she had to hear of him everyday.

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