Finding Friends and Faith: Megan Lett

Megan Lett’s life can be described in 4 words: friends, faith, family and future. She is easygoing and friendly to all she meets and believes that having a community is essential to keeping her grounded.

Megan on a summer trip to France.

Since the age of 4, Megan has grown up with her friends surrounding her and shaping her into who she is today. They have seen her go through both good and bad times, but have stuck by her in every situation. “I knew I could always count on my friends to cheer me up or give me advice,” Megan said, reflecting how different her life would be if her friends were not there to encourage her.

Megan’s friends encourage her not only in her school work and personal endeavors, but also in her faith. Faith is a defining factor in understanding who Megan is because it is her guide in defining her morals and decisions. She attends Corryton Church and is very active within their youth program where she finds an overwhelming amount of support.

She began attending Corryton in 2019 after leaving her childhood church, and after Covid, she began to see that, “Corryton felt like home.” Since then, she has created memories and great relationships with people who want to walk with her through her journey of both faith and life. Her small group and college leaders, Katie Ammons and Isabelle Stratton, push her to be the best version of herself all while having fun and growing as a community.

Megan’s community consists not only of her friends and faith, but also her family; she is the oldest sibling of 3 and is the daughter of Ken and Angela Lett. Family is one of the values that she relies heavily upon because no matter if they are constantly fighting, they still love each other no matter what. She has a large family that she typically passes her time with, and she believes that spending time with them allows for a breath of fresh air in her busy and stressful life. 

Emily, Megan, and Ashley (left to right) at Central’s 2022 homecoming.

Busy and stressful lives often hinder thoughts of the future, but Megan has a general plan set in place for her college-aged years. She hopes to attend a 4-year college where she will be able to get a degree in either child psychology or family law. The careers that she is interested in primarily deal with children because she believes that children are the future of society and don’t need to be more broken than they already are today. 

In a nutshell, Megan’s life is full of stress and schoolwork that causes her to need the community that she can rely on. She leans on them for advice and a stable environment to keep her grounded as she goes through her teenage years of self discovery. As she moves onto college, her life will change but as she tells herself, “if school is my main priority, I’m not doing it right.”

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