New organization wins Homecoming for first time in 10 years

Homecoming is always a very busy time of year. Many sports teams are at the peaks of their seasons and plenty of organizations are fundraising to help their Homecoming candidate to win.

Central High School dance team lining up for a picture with the newly crowned queen.

This year there was a new system to elect a Homecoming queen/king, donating cans, volunteer hours, and student votes all contributed to the final numbers to determine the winner. All of the teams have done tons of fundraising and brought in about 28,000 cans. Over half of those were brought in by the winning organization, the CHS dance team. 

This was the first time in 10 years that a team hadn’t won. making this even more exciting for the dance team. This year’s candidate was Ella Reihl, she is one of the captains on the dance team as well as dancing at Angela Floyd dance company. Ella is a very well-rounded student having a 4.2 GPA, is part of the National Honors Society, and is in the top 10%. Ella wants to be a dance major in college in hopes of one day opening her own studio.

This year nobody expected Dance to win. But with all the hard work they put in, they certainly deserved it. The team earned some community service hours by greeting students at elementary schools each morning and getting cans donated from many local businesses. This was such a great way for the Dance team to connect with their community and inspire future generations of bobcats.

Eden Perkinson (left) with Ella Reihl (right) hugging after Ella was crowned.
The CHS dance team lined up together.

In all the time Coach Sheila Dixion has worked here at Central, the dance team hasn’t ever won. When asked about how it felt to finally win after a decade she said, “We have run and worked really hard, each year has been a stepping stone, and each year it has gotten a little bit closer, so it isn’t only an achievement for our team but for all the other teams that have worked so hard to get to this point.” The coach was very excited about the title and proud of her girls for putting in so much work to get here.

Although they are the only team that got the title, it doesn’t mean that the other teams/organizations didn’t work as hard. Every team and organization worked really hard to help their candidate in hopes of winning. There were so many cans brought in to be donated to the Fountain City Ministry, members of SGA helped count the cans and take them over. This process took place before and after school. Some members would even stack the cans in fun shapes to help them get through all the counting.

Big team group hug after Ella won.

When the homecoming ceremony started there were more than just the candidates waiting anxiously to figure out who won, their parents and teammates all were hoping that the outcome was what they hoped. When they announced that Ella had won her teammates stormed the field to congratulate her and they gave her a giant group hug.

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