HOSA’s New Service Hour Opportunity

The Health Occupations Students of America club at Central High School has recently brought about a new community service opportunity this school year to volunteer at elementary schools and open car doors for the kids arriving at school. This opportunity allows high school students to gain more service hours, what are the benefits to elementary school students and teachers?

First, we should recognize how this new opportunity was created. Mr. Hammond described its development, “Last year, Sarah Lawernce and Olivia Sharp created this opportunity based on their idea of teaching kids how to wash their hands at In-Skip Elementary School.” This new opportunity was made as a consistent way for students to gain service hours and to help the elementary schools. The only school involved is In-Skip Elementary; however, HOSA students aim to gain more elementary schools. When Mr. Hammond was asked, “Why choose this activity towards helping out the elementary schools?” He replied, “It allows students to give back to their community and set positive examples for younger kids.”

Central’s HOSA club aims towards helping out the community and improving conditions. Students strive to benefit the community by volunteering and putting in the work. When students are asked how they think it benefits the school, they respond, “To help elementary students start off their day,” says junior Lillian McLemore. HOSA students feel that opportunity allows elementary schoolers to start their day on a positive note.

Most elementary schools choose students for a Safety Patrol program who do small jobs to help out the school. One of these jobs for the selected Safety Patrol students is to open car doors for the other elementary schoolers at the school. When asked how this affects those students, junior Catie Padilla responds, “Some schools didn’t have enough safety patrols to help open car doors, and teachers had to do it.” Furthermore, this opportunity helps schools that are short of students and staff to help with greeting elementary students.

HOSA students were asked how this opportunity affected them and the development of the club. “It can lead to more students joining the HOSA club because of the consistent opportunity for service hours,” junior Lillian McLemore said. Junior Catie Padilla said that the opportunity, “made me feel nostalgic from when I was a safety in elementary school.” Overall, HOSA’s new volunteer idea has greatly benefited both the HOSA students and elementary school teachers and students.

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