Track Fundraising

Central High School sports team helps Tennessee Vols Football during the biggest game of the year to help fundraise!

This past Saturday, when Tennessee was playing the Flordia Gators, The Central High School Track Team was fundraising money by working food service around Neynald Stadium during the game.

The Track team arrived at Neyland at 9:30a.m. and went to the parking lot next to the student gates, where the kitchen was. After arriving members would then move hot/cold boxes filled with food ranging from 3-8ft tall from various parts of the stadium.

From the kitchen, the members would then have to move to the east tower where there were three levels where they had to drop food off on each floor. Then after, go around half the stadium through crowds of people to get to the west floor then all the way back.

¨The day was long and there was a lot of walking, but it’s so much more fun with a great group of people like the ones we have on our team,¨ said Gracie Ogle, a track member who has ran since her Sophomore year. When asked what she enjoys most about the team she stated ¨ Running, my friends, and my coaches.¨

The track season conditioning starts in January with the season beginning in March and ending in May. If interested in Central Track email, JD Lambert, Assistant Principal & Athletic Director (

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