Future band leaders

Two of Central’s talented band members Junior Ally Rogers and Senior Jack Myers have been accepted into the Knoxville Youth Symphony. 

The Knoxville Symphony Youth Orchestra Association (KSYO) is for all of the best musicians in and around Knoxville. They are known for educating and training young musicians in a professional environment. In order to be selected, students must learn three pieces of music and

perform them for a set of judges. Only the best of the best are selected to be in the orchestra. Myers describes this process as “An overwhelming experience, but in a good way.”

Myers plays the clarinet for Central’s band; he is talented and quick to learn. One of the pieces he learned for the Orchestra comes very difficult to most musicians, but not Jack. He learned the piece in just two weeks which is unusually fast in the music industry. Myers says he would love to continue his band career throughout college.

Ally is a very dedicated individual when it comes to band. She takes it seriously and wants to excel in this area of her life. Ally plays the Bassoon, and when asked what her favorite part of playing is she said, “I like that it gives me a challenge.” She is thrilled that she got accepted into the orchestra and can’t wait to meet everyone in her team. 

 Ally and Jack  practice with the orchestra every Monday from 7-9 p.m. to get ready for their future performances. They are both excited to have another addition to their musical journey’s.

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