Cameras Out; Central’s Fight Protocol

Most think of fights and imagine people throwing hands and blood spraying. When it comes to conflict at school, that is actually the least likely thing to happen, according to Dr. Brown.

Police Lights blurred image.

When asked what was more likely to happen, people physically fighting or shouting at each other his response was, “Oh shouting at each other for sure.” He also said that verbal fights are more likely to happen; people may get upset with each other a lot, but it rarely turns into a physical fight.

Dr. Brown mentioned that the worst instance took place during class change several years ago that involved several people, but other than that, they don’t happen that often and when they do they are minor.

If a verbal fight occurs, the students are separated and then sent to the office to calm down, and then statements are taken so it is known what was the cause of the fight; the only difference from how they deal with a physical altercation is that they don’t have to pull people off of each other before they can deal with the situation.

Mr. Milsap

Social media, a big part of nearly everyone’s life, is usually the main cause for these fights. People post or message people whatever they want with no fear as it is not face to face and then have issues with it at school.

How can we, some of us adults or near it, deal with our issues better? Having a conversation. Listening to the other person’s side of the story and having them listen to yours without snapping at each other. Luckily, little recurrence happens with fights, as people learn from their mistakes and consequences.

If you ever feel overwhelmed or really angry at another student and feel like hitting them, go to the RLC room and speak with Mr. Milsap; he can help you resolve you feelings and get you and the other person calmed down. His team and him are also stationed around school in high-traffic areas so you know that they are there.

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