The School’s Bathrooms Route to Success

Bathroom mishaps and complications are nothing new at Central; however, the issue has come a long way towards having more functional and accessible bathrooms. The question still remains: How much further can we go to improve the school bathrooms as students and staff?

Before we look at how to improve, we should look back at previous issues to effectively upgrade conditions. For example, last school year, many students would demolish the bathrooms to the point where they became non-functional in general. Mr. Lambert, Central’s Assistant Principal, concluded that, “students ruining their own space was the craziest thing I had seen throughout my time at Central.” From this bathroom problem, we can create more exceptional bathroom conditions.

One teacher that is new this year felt that the school and staff bathrooms have a long way to go towards improving. Mr. Morrison, Central’s new psychology and sociology teacher, says, “While I’ve heard many students and staff say the bathrooms have greatly improved since last year, I feel like there is still room for improvement based on the bathrooms I have seen in past schools.” This means that even though many feel the school bathrooms have been positively revised, those new to the school give us different perspectives and helpful suggestions.

The upper-north girls’ bathroom.

While we don’t know an exact answer for improving the bathrooms, we have many student suggestions. For example, many female students believed that upgrading the overall atmosphere of the girl’s bathroom would help. Some suggested things like, “Painting the walls more vibrant colors,” said junior Cadence Horner. Other students suggested more physical upgrades like, “Adding a feminine hygiene product dispenser,” said sophomore Lilly McElhaney. Overall, these suggestions can accomplish a more efficient girls’ bathroom.

The lower-north girls’ bathroom.

There was one specific female student who decided to take matters into her own hands. This student made an effort towards brightening the atmosphere of the girl’s bathroom. She decided to write motivational notes and stick them to the mirrors in the school bathroom. These notes say things like, “ You look great today!” and “Don’t let the haters get in your way!”

When Principal Dr. Brown was asked, “In what ways, do you think students and staff can help improve bathroom conditions?” He replied, “Take ownership. If you want a nice place to use a bathroom, try to maintain a clean space by putting in the effort yourself.” He feels that the best solution would be towards not only improving but also maintaining the bathroom conditions as an individual. If each person puts effort into a clean and functional bathroom, it can improve overall.

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