Being mindful around campus

Vandalism and trash around school has continuously been a problem here at Central and nothing has changed; resulting in bathroom policies, freedom revoked of eating lunch where you want, certain places being restricted, and so much added work and stress for our school janitors and staff. 

Mitchell Beene, Central Custodial Worker

Being in High School and getting the freedom of it means students need to at least clean up and act like adults. When in school bathrooms refrain from writing on mirrors and throwing used paper towels on the floor; why should you? Well, if the idea of just keeping clean doesn’t sound reasonable enough, think of the janitors who spend all day cleaning up after students’ messes they should be able to clean up themselves. When thinking about the privileges students lose, think about why they are lost. Not only is non-cleanliness an issue, vandalism is also an even bigger one. Students should come to school to learn and socialize, not go out of their way to make someone’s job harder. High school is the path to adulting, so be mindful each day to take those steps towards that goal, and to also try and help make each and everyone’s day easier and more enjoyable.

messy, lunch courtyard

Lunch is another big factor of trash and messiness. When leaving lunch, no matter where you´re eating make sure to clean up your area. Looking around the cafeteria after students gather their things and leave the area they were sitting you can see countless trays left on tables. This is also an issue through the outdoor halls in the breezeway and also the benches outside. Another factor about messiness outside is that the trash students leave will move around through the breezeway and courtyard due to the wind. Make sure to pass by the nearest trash can with your trash on your way out of your lunch area so we can make Central more of a cleaner and presentable place!

Throwing away trash (27 plastic baggies) picked up from the courtyard in one of the 8 trash cans in the breezeway

 Central is full of such amazing students and staff and is a great community, so let’s all help out and be mindful of trash and giving everyone a hand!

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