The Kind and Sweet Gabriella Flemming

Gabriella Flemming is a freshman this year.  She cares about making good grades. Gabby is a good and caring person.  She loves helping people in need.

Gabby loves volunteering and community service, such as providing meals for those experiencing homelessness. She likes to read all types of books, especially graphic novels like Smile, Guts, and Ghost. Basically, she likes Raina Telgemeier books. She and her family mostly grew up in Knoxville TN, she didn’t move around a lot it didn’t affect her about moving around a lot. 

She doesn’t have any social issues. The nicknames she goes by are gabby, and Gigi. Her interests are smoothies and graphic novels. She has a few things that she thinks are really impressive. She is an introvert but likes to talk to people.  She doesn’t travel much the only places she has been are Madisonville TN, and Virginia.

is She trying to keep up with school and her personal life? The biggest problem for her is overworking herself. Her hardest thing as a student is doing schoolwork. Her most accessible class as a student at Central High School is history. Her favorite Eighth-grade teacher was Mr.Ewing. The most embarrassing thing she went through as a kid was falling off the bleachers more than once in the same year.

Her favorite activity is going outside, she is very outgoing. She sees herself in 10 to 20 years being a lab technician. The only reason she wants to be a technician is that she is inspired by her granny. The people that make her laugh the most are her friends and family.

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