Nadia Alussani

She is a girl on a mission. Nadia is a big city girl, she grew up in New York. She recently moved from there to a small town: Knoxville Tennessee. The way this affected her was the noise in the big city. She is big into her religion roots: she is Muslim and wears her Hijab in style. She is very into her worship in Masjid. She has a very nice and chill personality making her a nice person to be around and talk to. Around at Central, she takes her studies very seriously. She hopes one day she can get into the field of orthopedic.

When Nadia does something, she does it to the best of her ability. But with fire underneath her when she wants something there is nothing in this world to stop her. With this type of mindset sky is the limit. She loves reading and gaining knowledge out of every book she picks up. In her free time she loves watching sports and hanging out with her family.

In all we have a great girl. Who loves her family is very competitive in and out of the classroom. Is a very good person and loving soul and has dreams and aspirations of being a orthopedic. As she continues her freshman year at Central High. With a very high religion stranded in the Masjid. She will make great strides as a student at CHS. You better tune in or you will be left out.

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