Landon’s hopes and dreams

Landon is a freshman here at Central; he is set to graduate alongside the class of 2026. He was born and raised in Kentucky since he was seven years old. At 15 Landon seems to know the life he hopes to live. He plans to attain his own version of success, and graduating is just one of the many things he wants to accomplish. Although his middle school yers weren’t the best, Landon says “I like it at central I feel safe here,” unfortuntely he was in a learning enviroment with a lot of drug use.

One of his many stresses in life is one most can agree on simply being able to make those around us proud. Landon’s family never fail to keep him motivated .He looks up to his father as he describe him as “a good person who likes to help people.who need it”Although he may seem soft spoken he considers himself an open book.He enjoys playing baseball and footballl and like most he enjoy to swim being one of his favorite weekend activities.

.One of his hardest struggle was losing his grandfather they were very close and this was a very difficult thing for him to move on from. Aside from that, Landon hopes to be very successful and to have a family of his own. He hopes to live a good and healthy lifestyle.

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