All About Len Ruiz

Len is a sophomore who loves reading and writing. He also loves to look up character ideas and draw animation characters. He moved a lot growing up: he started off in East Knoxville then moved to North Carolina and then he moved to Georgia and then he moved to Louisiana and is now living in Knoxville, Tennessee. His real name is Salem but he goes by Len.

His favorite food is tri-color noodles.  People often take one look at him and say oh he eats 24/7 or oh he’s gonna beg for my lunch or oh all he eats is junk food. But in reality he doesn’t eat all the time he eats just kind of on a regular basis he doesn’t eat as much junk food as people say he actually eats pretty healthy. And fun fact: he does not eat meat unless he has to.

He has a few things going on in his life but he handles them well. Some of the people who help/inspire him are his mom, and his therapist because they help him through his mental illness that he has. They help him take control of that. When he grows up, he would like to have a lot of cats. Currently he has 2 cats. Overall he is just a fun person to be around.

This is a picture of the lovely Len Ruiz

This is one of Len’s online drawings

Len is a awesome person overall; if you run into him, just say hi – he’s very friendly!

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