Perkinson, Eden The skill of enduring

Eden is off to a terrific start in her first year of high school. She plays soccer for Central, and together with her teammates, they aim for the gold!

Eden has been playing soccer since she was four years old and is now a member of Central’s soccer team. When asked how she got into soccer, she answered, “My older brother plays soccer; therefore, I followed in his steps.” She not only plays soccer for Central, but she also participates in the dance team.

(On the left is junior Edie Wilds and on the right is freshman Eden Perkinson)

Starting high school and participating in sports can be difficult for some, but Eden has everything planned out and is looking forward to a great future. Her ambition after high school is to attend college and obtain the necessary degrees to become an anesthesiologist.

(On the left is freshman Eden Perkinson and on the right is senior Ella Riehl)

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