A Look Into The Sunshine; Lilly McElhaney

The sun; to bright to look at. But what if it walked our halls? A constant smile and “everything will be okay” attitude, even in the darkest times. The sun has style, jazz and grit. A hypie type feminist extrovert also known as Lilly McElhaney.

Our own sunshine at home

On the outside, Lilly may seem like a quiet soul. The kind of person who sits in the back of the class and reads; but she is quite the opposite. Lilly has a very outgoing personality, willing to say it how she thinks it is. She’s quite a talker with a tendency to overshare, telling people information that they did not ask for and may not have wanted to know, and finding their reactions funny.

Not only does she talk, but she listens; being sure not to judge or get mad at most anything. Loving to give people a good laugh, and get one herself, she loves telling and hearing dad jokes and puns, even the cringiest ones. She is the person who heavily values the people in her life, believing that love was the reason for existence.

Lilly’s selfie

One of Lilly’s funniest memories and biggest mistakes was when she lit a candle and accidentally set her cat on fire in the progress. If that doesn’t say something about her personality, nothing does. She is a very competitive person, loving to knock down her opponents in any way to win. Finally, while Lilly is very outgoing, she also struggles with being self conscious and worrying over what others may think, but she is working on caring less.

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