Kiemari Cornelius: the girl who works really hard

She loves the graphic novels loves all type of music and really likes crepes and loves being around closes friends.

Kiemari is loving and caring person and beautiful person she loves being with closes friends. She also loves listening to her favorite music when she alone she loves reading favorite book by Raina Tegemeier. She loves helping out her community.

She use to live Oak Ridge until move she was 5 or 6 year old and kinda affect here life  she also doesn’t talk to people that much. All of Kiemari close friends call Mari she is also introverted sh doesn’t like talking to people that much since she in journalism she getting out of her comfort.

and when she grow up she want to be a real state agents because her family has been real state agent for generations. In 10 years she hoping that is get her dream job of being real state agent. Mari loves being around friends that make her laugh. And the best compliment that she every received is pretty and beautiful.

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