Brandon Ancheta

Brandon Ancheta is a junior here at Central high school, you might know him, you might not. When you first meet Brandon he might seem really shy, but once he gets used to your presence, you’ll quickly learn that he is a very interesting individual.

Brandon grew up here in Knoxville, he never moved around nor wanted to, but he enjoys his time here. When he’s not in school he enjoys fishing and cooking, especially grilling. Brandon doesn’t read or watch movies instead on his weekends, he likes to hang out with his friends and family. Brandon is a big family guy, he enjoys spending time with his family and helping them, and when he’s with them he can always find something to laugh at. 

He often helps his dad out with his construction company when he has free time. Brandon plans to graduate high school and then go to college for business to help grow his father’s business. Knowing this helps us understand that he is invested in his future as well as his father’s.

Brandon while at Dollywood

Something that separates Brandon from most people is that he enjoys math. He has stated that something about numbers and how they work interests him and makes him like to learn about them. He also enjoys social studies, because he can learn about the past and the mistakes that were made so that he can learn from them to help make the future better. 

Although Brandon is really interesting it might take a while for people to learn that after meeting him. When asked what animal he would describe himself as he said that a turtle would most accurately represent him. This is because he is shy at first but after a while of talking to him, he breaks out of his shell and starts to talk more. I also feel like this is an accurate representation of him because while I was interviewing him I could tell the more questions I asked the more comfortable he got and the easier it was to notice how interesting he was. Like a turtle, once he gets comfortable he can come out of his shell more and show himself more.

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