Michael Scott

Michael has always lived here in Knoxville, Tennessee, always. He was raised by his aunt and his uncle (for almost 15 years, he has been living with them) while his mom would sometimes visit him. I have 3 siblings, one of them is my sister (who is younger than him), and the other two have moved away. As of now, Michael attends Central High school and is currently a Sophomore there.

Michael likes to draw, almost every day he does it. Usually, he draws animals, mostly reptiles and mammals. Michael has been drawing for as long as he can remember. He even still remembers when he used to draw when he was still just in elementary school. He never knew why he was obsessed with drawing, really. He just thought it would have been nice to make his own kind of drawings. As of now, Michael’s drawings have significantly and vastly improved ever since, being almost very realistic in some of them (at least to him and a few others). Michael has always been a gamer, even since his younger years. Even now, the guy still remembers when he used to play video games like Fusion Frenzy, Mario kart, donkey kong, etc, etc. In the past, he used to have an Xbox 360 but he one day put it away. Eventually, he got a playstation4 from his cousin for Christmas or maybe my birthday.

In case people didn’t notice, Michael is an extreme introvert and likes to be alone most of the time.  Is there anyone he likes in, perhaps, his school? No, not really. Is there anyone he likes in his school at all, maybe a classmate or any staff member? Well, again, no. As said before, Michael likes to be alone when he is at school. Usually, sometimes, he will sit at the farther end of the class away from everybody else. He prefers and likes quiet and cool places, it makes him feel more relaxed and be himself when he is alone. He doesn’t really like crowds or loud places, but he sometimes gets used to them and tries to get through them as long as he can (as much as he hates it, though). He just likes to be alone, that’s just him. His most embarrassing moments include tripping, being spaced out in public, making a fool of himself, being dull at times, and overall being clumsy.

Michael has a huge appetite, very much so. He ikes eating food like pizza, hot dogs, sandwiches, and even some spicy and hot foods. One day, He just developed a craving for more food and he still even now… words can’t describe how much he loves food. Almost every day, one of the things he is almost always excited about is eating.

Michael Is a a reptile person. He loves all kinds of reptiles, but his favorite reptiles are lizards (especially the monitor lizards). He just always felt an interesting and somewhat similar connection with reptiles. Despite what many people think of them, Michael says they are highly intelligent and just as capable as mammals. Reptiles, mostly monitor lizards and crocodiles, have been observed making and using tools to help them set up traps to lure in prey.

In general, His interests include reptiles (and animals in general, too), technology, tv, tablets, food, art, sleeping (sometimes), and sometimes reading.

This is Michael Scott.

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