Clever, crafty, and quiet, Emma Riffey is someone who acquires more talents the further you get to know her. She’s a person who enjoys all the elements of life and takes full advantage of them.

Emma is a creator. She likes to find new styles and make different outfits by thrifting her clothes. When asked what her favorite part of thrifting was she stated, “I like knowing the specific thing I found is the only one in the store.” Along with thrifting, Emma also likes to make jewelry in her free time. She crafts necklaces, rings, and bracelets out of metal and crystals; she generously gives this jewelry to friends and family as gifts. 

a ring Emma made herself

Outside of school Emma works at “Kids Place”, which is an after school program for kids who need a place to stay until their parents get them. While working, Emma helps entertain the kids when playing games, and during snack time. This job takes a certain type of person that can work well with kids, and this is one of many displays of Emma’s kind nature. 

Not only is she juggling school, work, and crafting, but Emma is recently learning how to play guitar. “I wanted to learn how to play some of my favorite songs on the guitar,” she says. Emma is also taking on the challenge of teaching herself how to play without any lessons. She continues to surprise people with her talent and ability to accomplish difficult tasks.

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