Tracy Lowery is on Fire

The hot red flames slowly move along the straight edges of the black book with a flower on it: Crave by Tracy Wolff. The flames of the fire grow higher and stronger. No one else seems to notice the fire growing at the desk in the front row. Or maybe…the fire isn’t a fire at all?

Maybe it’s just Tracy and her red hair peeking out from behind the book. What seemed surprising at first quickly becomes a routine sight. Tracy loves to read and she always has, when she gets older she would love to not only spend her time enjoying books but making them. The temporary escape from the real world and becoming apart of the lives of the characters is something that pulls her in.

Tracy while at home

On the cover of the book that is Tracy you may see she is a quiet and mature girl,which is true but you’ll have to read deeper to know all of her. When Tracy gets with the people she loves most,her friends, she can be very childish and silly. She loves soda and alternative music. You can see her with her brand new tarot deck as she has just started to read the future as well as books.

The prequel of The book of Tracy includes her living with her grandparents. In fact her book of life has visited all over. Her grandfather was in the Union and Tracy would travel places with him when she was younger. A very random fact you would see in the prequel of Tracy is the fact that she never learned how to ride a bike and she is related to the original Hatfields.

Tracy while in public
Tracy at the dentist

Tracy may be a book you have never read but you never should judge a book by its cover, give her a read if you get the chance. You won’t regret it.

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