A Day in the Life of Cadence

Cadence wakes up to the loud and repetitive sound of her alarm. She gets up and ready for another long day of being a hardworking student and a competitive member of the soccer team. When she arrives at school, she meets up with her best friends near the school’s entrance. It was hard for her to get up this morning for school; however, her friends and the soccer practice she has after school reminded her that it was worth it.

She often has to remind herself of what keeps her motivated to keep up with her busy schedule. It can get pretty overwhelming when juggling two sports, school, and a youth group. Her faith, friends, and family encourage her to keep up. Each motive helps her maintain her balance in all activities of her life.

The bell rings as Cadence heads to her Honors Pre-calculus class. After a long, boring hour and a half of math, she heads to her next class. She is a devoted student that enjoys her school time, but sports are her main passion. She hopes that her love for soccer can academically aid her by gaining a scholarship for college. As the school day progresses, so does the amount of homework she has to get done.

Finally, the last bell of the day rings and she can go to soccer practice. She runs to Central’s field and meets up with her coach and teammates. She’s been waiting all day, since her alarm went off, to play on the field. She’s now on the field and gets that familiar adrenaline rush as she scores a goal.

Cadence practices soccer for about two hours saying, “Having a passion for sports comes easiest to me.” However, it’s after her practice that she has to use the little energy she has left to study for Anatomy and do Precalculus homework. She then gets ready for bed and makes sure to text her friends good night. She falls asleep ready for another day of being devoted to sports, no matter if it challenges the other aspects of her life.

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