Julia Mize signed for CNU dance

A senior on The Central High School Dance Team, Julia Mize has made it onto the Carson Newman Dance team. She has danced for Central for four years but has danced for 15 years overall.

Julia had a very intense dance tryout. It was over a three-day period. She had to make a solo, learn two dances a day, and show off her skills. Julia said, “The tryouts were very intense and super long but I knew what my end goal was and that kept me going.” Her cousin Katie Meade who had also danced at Central was her inspiration for trying out. “Seeing my cousin dance at Carson Newman and the fun she had made me want to do it too plus we get a pretty big dance scholarship.”

Julia Mize , at her signing, holding up her new dance uniform

Everyone is so proud of her! Her high school dance coach Mrs. Shelia Dixion said, “I saw how stressed and nervous she was before tryouts so to see her make the team was such a relief. I knew she could do it; we all did.” Cindy Mize, Julia’s mom, stated, “She practiced day and night and prepared for months.” When asked how she felt about Julia moving away to pursue college dance she said, “Of course it is really sad to see your little girl leave but this is something she’s wanted to do for a long time so Jeff (her dad) and I are 100% behind her.”

Julia is the only senior that chose to go on to dance in college so this signing was big! She has so many supporters.

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