Football Spring Workouts and Practices

The football team is in the off-season right now, but they are keeping up the hard work and maintaining their skills through spring workouts and practices all throughout the month of May. 

Spring Practice and Workout Schedule

These practices and workouts take place after school and are open to all players except upcoming freshman, who will begin practicing in the summer. The practices consist of working on skills and going over different football plays. The workouts consist of weightlifting and building up strength, which is necessary to becoming a successful player. 

Strength board for workouts

Many players are enjoying the spring workouts and practices as they look forward to the season starting this fall. Junior Josh Purcell says, “It’ll be fun to get back into playing football, because we haven’t been able to play much with an actual ball, so it will be fun to get back into it again.” Sophomore Gabe Arnold agrees with this and describes how he feels about the current state of the team and the upcoming season. “Practice makes perfect. We have a few stars that are missing due to baseball but other than that we need to find leadership within the team.”

Coach Craney going over plays with the team members.

The coaches are very proud of the team for how hard they have been working to keep up their skills and strength the past few months. Head Coach Nick Craney says, “We have been working hard since January in the weight room, in meeting, and conditioning.  I am extremely excited to get to see the fruits of that hard work this off-season start to show itself for some of our guys in spring practice.” One of the other coaches, Tyler Drummer, was recently promoted to pass game coordinator this spring, so he is pretty excited for this year. Drummer says, “It is an honor and privilege to be the pass game coordinator at Central High School. It has been a lot of fun in this new role. The grind of trying the be the best hasn’t stopped and will continue to be the standard here at CHS.” According to him, spring workouts and practices have started off great. The coaches use them to evaluate all the players and teach the fundamentals of football. “Game days in the fall are won by the hard work that is put in in the spring and summer. We Are extremely excited for the 2022 Central high football team and cannot wait to see Bobcat Nation in the stands on Friday nights,” said Coach Drummer.

Other than the workouts and practices, the team has a scrimmage coming up on Tuesday, May 17 at 5:00 p.m. It will be at home and they are playing Farragut. Students are welcome to attend. 

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