Bathroom Graffiti

There are lots of writings and drawings on the bathroom walls of Central. It’s so common that many people forget it’s a crime. Marking a public space by drawing on it without permission is considered vandalism.

Students go unpunished because there’s no way to monitor what they do in the privacy of the bathroom. The main reason that people do it is because it’s anonymous and they won’t face consequences. 

Lots of the graffiti are scribbles and doodles, but some people write inappropriate things that don’t belong at school. Things like insults towards other students, groups of people, and explicit words and drawings. 

Others do it to vent their emotions. A poem was written in the lower north girls bathroom. “Don’t know if I can forget it \ it’s hard to hide it \ suicidal thoughts \ since 11 \ now I’m dreaming \ of going to heaven.” 

However, there are nice things too. “You are perfect” and “I love you” have been seen in the girls cafeteria bathroom. Some of the drawings are innocent like hearts and smiley faces. 

Whether the intentions are good or bad, it’s all vandalism. It’s wrong to write or draw on property you don’t own. It’s disrespectful to the janitors who work hard to keep the bathrooms clean. Students should consider this and be more respectful of the building and the staff. 

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