A successful tennis season!

The Central High School tennis team has had one of their most successful seasons. Having won 9 out of 11 matches. The team has really practiced hard and has worked together to achieve the success they have this season thus far!

Senior Ella Blair said that she missed the energy from last year’s seniors, but that they have still become a close tennis family. When asked what she was proud of most for her team Blair said, “I’m especially proud of how successful our girl’s team has been. We have dominated in our district and overall.”

Blair stated that her favorite memory from this season was when the girls played against Maryville’s Clayton-Bradley Academy; Jessica Popescul and Ella got to play doubles together for the first time. It was an extremely tough match-up, as they were playing against their #1 and #4 girls. Still, Popescul and Blair played well and were able to win the game 8-6. The girl’s team also won that match overall 6-3. All of this hard work is shown seeing how the girls’ tennis team only lost two out of nine matches!

While the boys’ team record is not quite as successful as the girls, they are still having fun. Senior Luke Prince has done really well this season, personally undefeated at 9-0, while the boys tennis team as a whole is 1-8. When asked what his favorite memory from this season has been he said, “Probably playing doubles with my little brother Henry because we rarely get to play together.”

Ultimately, this has been a very successful season on and off the court. Ella and Luke gave a perfect insight to how the season is going so far. The team has worked very hard, really bonded, and has come together as a team!

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