Central visits Inskip Elementary

During the month of March, many Central students took part in speaking to the fifth graders attending Inskip Elementary School. The goal of these talks was to encourage and inspire them and also provide insight to what middle school and high school is like.

Many Central students who attended participated in sports and other extracurricular activities that would peak the elementary schoolers interests. Myself and my dear friend DeAirrea Roper were among the students who spoke with a group of fifth grade girls at Inskip. With the majority of the girls being minorities, DeAirrea and I felt especially excited to be a figure that they could relate to.

The both of us have a strong interest and background in the arts so this allowed for some young girls to question us on what exactly we do in our AP art program. Additionally, with my background in competitive soccer I was able to explain what I went through in preparation to becoming the athlete I was during the fall season. 

Boy drama, girl drama, and the effects of social media were proven to be a strong topic throughout the discussion with the fifth grade girls. DeAirrea and I emphasized the importance of enjoying the present, remembering that you are valued, and to never let fear drive you away from your dreams and aspirations in life. 

We also got the opportunity to bond with Inskip elementary’s principal Lynn Jacomen, discussing her gratitude as well as the efforts of change she is incorporating into the school. 

“We love having positive role models in our school who can share the path to greatness with our kids who are preparing to transition to the next level,” she said. 

The meetings at Inskip have taken a slight pause due to elementary students testing schedules, but it is expected to resume towards the end of April and beginning of May. 

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