Testing Schedule: State testing, AP exams, Senior exams, EOCs

Tuesday, April 19 all State testing, AP exams, senior exams, and EOCs will begin. There are days when there will not be any testing which will be May 12, 13, 16, and 20. 

State testing will start on April 19 – April 25th, there will also be make-up testing days for those who missed any on May 4 – 6.

AP exams are from May 2 – May 11, AP exams consist of AP US Govt., Environmental Science, Literature, Human Geography, US History, Calculus, Language, Physics, and Biology.

Senior exams are on May 17 and 18, there is one day for senior makeup exams and that is May 19, 3rd and 4th blocks will take their exams on the 17, and 1st and 2nd will take them on the 18.

May 23 consists of EOCs for 1st and 2nd blocks, May 24 will be for 3rd and 4th blocks. Students may leave after they are finished with testing, only if they have a pass.

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