AP Art Student Portfolios

Though the AP Art program at Central is nothing new, this year it is taught and led by new (to Central ) teacher Mrs. Cheryl Burchett. AP Studio Art is an advanced placement class for students highly interested in the practical experience and application of art. Instead of a written exam, students submit portfolios of art work from that semester to The College Board for evaluation and scoring.

The spring semester class is made up of DeAirrea Roper, Camille Wilson, Trinity Anthony, Brooklyn McMillan and myself. We all have our own unique styles and strengths that are utilized in our art making process. In January, we were tasked with coming up with a “sustained investigation” or SI, which will be our focus for the remainder of the school year. A sustained investigation  is essentially a cohesive body of work that significantly explores an inquiry.

Each of us went through trials of finding what our specific inquiry could be and we all have found something that relates to us personally. The inquiries range from showing internal dilemmas through portraiture, metamorphosis, conveying Bible characters in today’s society, and the effects of mental health. Additionally, we as artists have full freedom to use any media we would like to illustrate our investigations into our inquiries.

DeAirrea Roper working on one of her artworks
Camille Wilson’s artwork

Before submitting our final portfolios to the AP College Board, we have to reflect upon our skills and critique our art to ensure that it represents us showing practice, experimentation, revision, and risk taking. The College Board will then grade our portfolios out of a score of one through five with one being the lowest and five being the highest. 

We also have the opportunity to submit our portfolio to the Frist Art Museum in Nashville for their 2022 Young Tennessee Artists: Selections from Advanced Studio Art Programs contest. Artwork for the exhibition will be selected by a jury of Tennessee artists, educators, and museum professionals. If selected, the art will be exhibited from Sept 2, 2022 to Feb 12, 2023 and students can also subsequently receive college course credits.

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