Flagging Down Their Future: CHS Winter Guard

Central Winter Guard will present their final performance of “Mother Nature” in Central’s gym on Thursday, April 7 at 6:30 PM. Throughout the school year, Winter Guard is an activity in which students refine their skills in leadership, choreography and the performing arts. 

This year, the Bobcat Winter Guard made a name for themselves by achieving both first and second place in competition. The winter guard season starts in November with auditions and competitions begin in February.

Band director and winter guard coordinator Alex Mink says, “Our guards circuit, East Tennessee Performing Arts Association, provides judges for these contests that will see the students many times over the course of their season and evaluate their growth.” This season, the team grew substantially making a 40 point jump from the beginning of the season to the end. In competitive winter guard, that amount of growth is almost unheard of.

River Cox is a sophomore this year and a member of both color guard and winter guard. Cox said that over the course of this season, she has grown as a performer and as a friend to those in guard with her. Her favorite part of winter guard was being able to hang out with friends and being able to learn new skills that allowed her and her teammates to grow. 

The Winter Guard at their competition last Saturday at Karns High School.

At the beginning of the season, the team received eight place out of eight guards. Cox said that after that, they began to take rehearsals more seriously and began to put in work outside of rehearsals allowing them to continue to grow. Over the last two weeks, the guard has received both first and second place, and they have significantly improved their performance. Cox says that she has high hopes for the performance later this week and cannot wait for next season. 

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