Kenna’s Life In Student Company

For Kenna Lyle, being a student performer in high school has taught her a lot about time management and responsibility. She has learned the importance of good leadership and responsibility.

Beauty and the Beast 2020

Lyle sings with the student ministry at her church every Wednesday night. She says that there are two different intentions behind performing at school and performing at church. 

For her, performing at church is a more relaxed environment. Her intention is to worship God and be authentic when doing so. Performing at school however, is totally different because they want to sound as perfect as possible. When she is performing at church, she doesn’t worry about how she sounds, but worshiping to bring glory to God.

She realized she wanted to be in student company when her older sister was a freshman. Lyle says that her sister seemed to be herself, so she decided she would join too.

What makes Lyle enjoy doing what she does is accomplishing a goal and doing it to the best of her ability. A big goal that she achieved was competing in the JB Lyle Choir Festival on March 3. The choir’s total score was a 1, which is the best score a group can earn. They also earned a 1 in sight reading, a 1 from a judge, and two 2’s from other judges, which overall totaled a 1. She is also hoping to make this upcoming musical, High School Musical, the best musical she’s ever done. Amidst the excitement, she is also trying to pass Calculus. 

She enjoys being around a group of people who want to achieve the same goal of performing to the best of their ability. She also enjoys being herself and not worrying about what other people think. 

Beauty and the Beast 2020

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