Bobcat vs. Pioneers: preseason match

March 4, The Bobcat Men’s soccer team went up against the Davy Crockett Pioneers in a pre-season game with their confidence on high. They were ready for the showdown with the challenging team.

The team had previously played Knox Catholic but drew 2-2. Though it wasn’t the wanted outcome they stayed calm and were unfazed. They practiced hard and built on their team play for their next match against Davy Crockett High School.

They started off strong and played confidently though they faced a lot of challenges on the field. You could see the team communicate strongly and remain composed. The tension on the field was felt from the stands with everyone cheering the bobcats on.

Half-time image from soccer match

Coach Quinn was a big impact on the team. He’s said to be a strategic coach who encourages the team to put their best effort in. You could hear him lifting up his team from the stands.

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