Hayes’ Blended brand brings community and business together

Why choose the word Blended? He chose it because it has meaning to him and to his family; Justus comes from a blended family with different races/ethnicities. His family means a lot to him and helped him during the start of his business. He’s a 16-year-old junior with different big plans ahead of him.

He started his business in 2020 with the help of his family; they have been a big support to him. Although he has help from his family, there are some things that can be difficult for him as a CEO. The things he has a hard time with his business is maintaining his school life, social life, and business life, especially at a young age, and of course, keeping his grades up. 

A goal of his that he talked about was opening a store at West Town Mall. The farthest order he has gotten was all the way in Arizona. He hopes to get other orders and spread his business all around.

So far he has hoodies and shirts but in Spring 2022, he plans on releasing a new item. It’s going to be something that people will love.


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