What’s Central Listening to Right Now?

As the ice cold, frigid winds of winter die away and bring the warmth of spring, many of Central’s students find themselves switching to their more lively playlists in search of music to better fit the weather.

Music brings people together. It’s an instant connection with a stranger or classmate, or something that can strengthen an already existing one. A recent pole reveals what Central students are playing as of late.

By far, the highest ranked genre among students polled was rap, followed by pop, alternative, heavy metal and folk.

A poll from a handful of our student body, with the highest being Rap

The poll also asked respondents to indicate artists they recommend for their genre. Senior Ella Blair chose pop.

“COIN is my favorite band ever! They have 0 bad songs. All of their albums are amazing, and watching the progression of their music has been a delight,” she said.

Senior Aidan Brown’s favorite genre is alternative rock, and his artist is Weezer. 

“I would say my favorite is the Blue Album. Best song is easily ‘In the Garage.’ I listen to music all the time, no matter what it is I’m doing. I kinda have to be listening to something, because I don’t like the silence.”

As far as high schoolers go, Brown isn’t alone. In fact, listening to music all the time is quite commonplace in the hallways of our school and the commotion of the breezeway. I personally wear headphones in between most class changes because it’s a nice mental break. 

If you’re having trouble focusing on work for class, need a mental break, or just want new music to listen to, this is a great place to start!

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