Riley in a nutshell

Riley is a kind and creative person who has a very active lifestyle. Going from practice, competitions and tumbling at Knoxville Twisters.

Riley does competitive cheer at Knoxville Twisters All-Stars. After school, Riley goes to either practice or tumbling, and she spends most of her time there or at home. She’s on a level three team, and this is her first season. It’s hard going from school cheer to an all-star team because all-star is hard core.

Riley also loves school because she can interact with friends and also learn things that can help her in the future like going to college at the University Of Tennessee and being an interior designer. She likes designing things and likes making complex designs with cool patterns and colors.

Since Riley has a busy schedule, she has to balance school and other things if she has homework, needs to study or just taking time out of her day instead of watching TV or TikTok on her phone. She will do homework first because school comes first, so she can have a successful life.

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